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No Complies & Wallrides + Shuvits.

Have you seen the Polar Skate Co Promo no.2?'s essential viewing. An ode to D.I.Y. spots and classically styled skateboarding it'll get you stoked. To match this we have a bunch of new Polar wood in store with some of the new P1 and P2 shapes which deserve a close inspection.


Polar Skate Co.

More timber has landed at the store in the form of Polar Skate co, the brainchild and outlet for Pontus Alv. If you haven't seen the amazing Polar clip then check it now! Well worth a watch. We also are getting a restock on Helas 5 panels later this week so keep an eye out on the store/FB page for the drop. [Edit / Helas just arrived]...